What Bikes Do We Ride? Annelaine, Weronika and Mikey

When we aren’t busy at work selling and fixing bikes, most of us at Blazing Saddles Bike Shop are out on our own bikes. The cycling infrastructure in the city keeps getting better and better. Have you seen the massive new bike lane that is currently being installed on The Embarcadero? Physical barrier from the cars!

Here are stories from some of our staff members and their bikes.


Annelaine riding her white city bike and waving in San Francisco

Annelaine, who is pretty much the multi-tool at Blazing Saddles rides a cranky, banged up Public Bike. After having multiple higher-end bicycles stolen in the city, Annelaine decided to go low-brow with her wheels. The seven gears are more than enough for city riding, and she never has to worry that someone is going to try to steal it. Even she will admit it, it’s a pretty ugly bike. But it’s been her partner in two-wheel crime for about three years now and neither of them are looking back!

Weronika and Mikey

Weronika and Mikey standing with their bikes on Hyde Street, San Francisco

Weronika and Mikey are one of our couples-in-residence here at Blazing Saddles Bike Shop. If they’re not at work or relaxing on their patio at home, they are generally on their bikes. They ride them to and from work every day. It’s downhill to work and then uphill to get home. On their days off, they use their bikes to have fun. They have picnicked in almost all of San Francisco’s amazing parks, usually toting a bottle of wine in their cool bike/wine carrier.

Tune in next week to read about our in-house SE Bike fanatics Morgan and Sean.

Hopefully you have a few great stories to go along with your bike. If not, consider this a challenge!

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