The Pandemic Cannot Stop Us from Riding!

Is the pandemic bringing you down? If you’re like the rest of us, finding fun, safe activities can be challenging during these strange days. However, fear not! Cycling is coming to the rescue.

Even though the bike industry is going crazy right now and new bikes are hard to find, we have a great inventory of brand new, 2021 bikes that are calling your name. Our reps at Specialized, Fuji and Breezer love us and make sure we always have a full selection of new bikes.

We created a cool indoor test ride area, so you can make sure you have a great fit and maximum comfort before heading home with your new bike.

We all know by now that social distancing and wearing a face mask are two of the best ways to slow the spread of COVID-19 and doing those two easy precautions is so simple to do on a bicycle. The City of San Francisco put out guidance on recommended activities during the shelter in place order. Bicycling was on the top of the list and we have not stopped riding since we read that!

The Fall weather and uncrowded bike paths are the perfect excuse to get outside on 2 wheels. Cooler, crisper air (especially now that most of the smoke has cleared) and miles of car-free bike paths make San Francisco the perfect place to hit the road, rubber side down, and banish that Quarantine 15 forever.

inside the bike shop

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